When a loved one dies or death is expected to take place soon, there are many details to take care of. This can be a very stressful time. We'll take you through the steps of arranging a funeral - from making the first calls when someone dies to taking care of the administrative matters that have to be handled following the funeral. If a death has already taken place and you have not yet begun to make notifications, please call us at 651-491-4699.


When you meet with our Family Services Manager, they will go over your options, discuss services, the merchandise needed for those services, and costs. We will also need to gather information about your loved one. Below is a list of information you will be asked to provide to complete the death certificate and other forms.

1. Full Legal Name
2. Marital Status
3. Legal Address
4. Date and Place of Birth
5. Date and Place of Death
6. Social Security Number
7. Parents Full Names (including mother's maiden name)
8. Occupation
9. Highest Educational Level Completed
10. Cemetery Name
11. SGU Veterans & Family of USA member card
12. Military Discharge Papers (Form DD-214)

During the funeral arrangement conference, we will ask you how may certified copies of the death certificate are needed. As part of our services, we will obtain the certified copies on your behalf. To assist you in ascertaining the number of certified copies needed, plan to order one for each of the instances listed below:

1. Life Insurance Company
2. Bank where one or more accounts exist
3. Pension, IRA or other retirement benefits
4. Stock and Bonds
5. Titled real estate property
6. Titles motor vehicle
7. Probate of Will
8. Final tax return
9. Your own files

At the time of the initial meeting with the Family Services Manager, the Family (Beneficiary) will need to bring the following:

1. Original Policy
2. Any amendments to the policy such as beneficiary changes etc.
3. If death has not been reported to the Insurance Company – Family must be ready to report that with the Family Services Manager during this meeting

Once the death has been reported, the Insurance company will send the Family the following: (Family should ask if the Insurance company can email instead of mailing so they can just forward this to the Family Services Manager)

1. Condolence Letter which will include a list of documentation necessary to process the claim
2. Claimant Form that each beneficiary must complete

Legacy Funeral Home, LLC reserves the right to refuse any Assignment of Life Insurance Policy.